The Board Game Travel Australia has been created as a learning experience as well as a fun way to know your way around Australia, through the outback, in the oceans, deep into the rain forests and across the mountains.

The game cards will educate you how to survive the cities and cross the borders, to navigate your destinations safely, whether by road, rail, river, backpack, by bicycle (Yes believe it or not some actually do, do it), or by air.

This is a game without any real losers, just loads of fun when you win playing the game with other travellers you meet simply by challenging them to a game, A great way to find a suitable travelling companion.

Test your touring skills before you arrive in OZ, you can help to enlighten your family and friends. But Hey! Don’t think you’re going to win every time.

Travel Australia prepares tourists for the unknown, all the stuff you wish you had found out before you ventured to this great country.

Travel Australia is a souvenir unlike photos and videos. Playing the game involves interacting with others, so its just like they have been with you all the way. Who knows… maybe they will want to follow in your footsteps.

For many thousands, or millions of people from around the world that have been to Australia, this exciting new game will now restore all those wonderful memories that were shared and all the new friendships that were made during the time spent travelling Australia.

If you have a friend, colleague or family member coming to Australia soon, be sure to send them the game as a gift, so they too will know how to “TRAVEL AUSTRALLIA