Q. The Travel Leader reads the rules but does he play as well?

A.  Yes, the Travel Leader plays and also passes out the cards, replacing them at the base of the respective packs.

Q. T Junctions – Does this mean if you answer correctly you can take a short cut. eg. The junction 4 spaces before Darwin which has a T card question. If you get it right you don’t have to go all the way to Darwin.

A. True, this is where you must turn with a correct answer and take the short-cut, not all T- Junction will do this.

Q. But then again at a T Junction, if you answer right it could take you on a longer route. What’s to stop you answering incorrectly so you can go the shorter way?

A. Stategy plays an important part here. A deliberate incorrect answer will take you backwards, then your next roll of the dice may be a better option, that is the chance you take. Same as in travelling Australia, a short-cut may work out, or become a disadvantage, the roll of the dice dictates where you will be next turn. A count of spaces forward or back will determine which option best to use. For instance, going forward may land you on a blank or another chance of a card that you know the answer to. Watch out near rail crossings, X decision could cost an extra turn.

Q. The junction at Mt Isa with the letter T. answer it wrong and you don’t have to go to Cairns (being the longer route to Sydney). The same with the letter T before Cairns. Why would you want to take 3 more spaces to Bloomfield track; makes no sense. Do you see what I am getting at or am I missing the point of the game?

A.  No! you are not missing the point, a smart traveller thinks out the best option, if you land on the Mt Isa T- Junction and provided you know the correct answer to be able to “Get it Wrong” then that will be a great move. On the other hand! If you answered correctly and moved onwards towards Cairns landing on the E and getting that card correct, then rolled the dice and scored 11 you would be way in front and answering the L card question, so it all depends on the luck of which card you get to pick up and the dice roll.

Q. Railway crossings. Obviously if you land before one, everyone is going to be watching. So do you go through any way and take the penalty, hoping you can remember your last score after every body has taken their turn?

A.  When you know other travellers are watching, you STOP. The other travellers must spot your move passed the barrier before the very next roll of the dice, if that occurs then you are safe ( not after everyone has had a turn ). Distraction is the key to avoid being caught passing the barrier. You can create a distraction by asking the other travellers to look for a fictitious place or island away from the barrier you are approaching, it works sometimes.

Q. The Sydney card – You start and finish on Sydney. Finishing on Sydney means you’ve won, so why would you want to send an opponent back 5 spaces?

A. The CITY cards are taken randomly during play. If you have landed back in Sydney, you have WON. Game Over! You don’t need to pick up any card. The Sydney card is for who ever takes it off the top of the pack landing on any City while travelling Australia, and moving a traveller back can help you to WIN the game. Shuffle all cards in every pack before commencing each new game.

Q. Rest Area – Does this mean you can take a rest if you’re not too good at answering the questions (eg kids). So you just miss a chance at going forward because you’re not confident with your ability to answer correctly?

A. Sort of! After a few games you become familiar with some of the pictures on the cards, for instance: to take the R card with the smashed car in the State Forest would result in slowing you down, by having to use just one die. Remembering the R card with the collapsed caravan suspension will save you returning to the Roadhouse for repairs, or remembering that the Ampol Roadhouse card will advance you 5 spaces without even having to answer a question, same with the white motorhome card that sends you cruising on to the next Roadhouse. So the REST areas require a good memory, and a clever thinking strategy, forcing other travellers to take that card.

We hope these defined rules & strategies helps you to WIN the game. Please feel free to ask for any further assistance you may require.

Travel Australia Game Hints:

  • Try studying all the cards before your next game.
  • Looking over the board will also help with clues.
  • Remember: You can WIN by using your memory.
  • Look! Listen! Learn!

For additional clarification / questions about the Travel Australia Game rules please  send an email  or call: 0417 982083