Our Story

The creator and inventor of the board game “Travel Australia” has toured, travelled, circled and criss-crossed Australia many times in the past 15 years by a wide variety of modes and methods of travel. By air, coach, 4WD, backpack and campervan.

Bob Alver

Bob Alver

The game concept has been developed by this hands-on and personal experience gained from trial and error. It is the “BEEN THERE – DONE THAT” knowledge that you will learn and benefit from through playing the game “TRAVEL AUSTRALIA”. Bob and his wife Diane reside in a small coastal town south of Perth in Western Australia, which has been ideal for Bob to be more creative being away from a big city.

However, no matter how many times one travels Australia (as large as it is), there will always be rmore to learn, more to see and more to do. So during the year “its on the road again” promoting the game and writing new game cards to enter here on the web site for game owners to download and add to or renew the questions in “TRAVEL AUSTRALIA”™.

Diane Alver